Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In a Good Business Continuity Plan Template

Whether you handle the affairs at a bank, a construction company or a media house, you must chart out a well-thought-of business continuity plan so that you can resume operations post an interruption (read: emergency or disaster). But you may not always have the time to come up with one. If that’s the case, a BCP template may be of great help. And time (or the lack of it) is just one of the reasons why you should invest in a template, here are 3 more:

1) You are yet to define roles and haven’t decided on the management structure (for emergency)

A good business continuity plan template helps you do exactly that – when emergency strikes, you know who has the authority to invoke the plan, and the key people are clear on their roles and responsibilities.

2) You could really use some samples

They say, “All business continuity plan templates come with sample information, but the good ones also have enough diagrams and flowcharts.” This information is highly useful especially if it’s for the first time that you are devising a continuity plan.

Good business continuity plan template

And if some checklists are also included, you may have everything you need for effective planning.

3) You don’t want to “consult” a consultant

Did you know that a business may spend thousands of dollars in consultancy fees and still might not be able to create an actionable plan? With a good template, you get to save this money because there is no need for you to consult an expert. You can do the needful on your own.

So if you have already ordered a business continuity plan template, smart move, but if you haven’t, do it ASAP.