Threat And Risk Assessment Template

Threat And Risk Assessment Template

Do you need to conduct a Risk Assessment?

Our Threat and Risk Assessment template is your answer! Step by careful step, word by word, paragraph by paragraph, and page by page, our template empowers you to effectively document and understand your business risks.

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Are you short on time and need to complete your Risk assessment fast?

Some of the benefits of using our Threat and Risk assessment template to help you conduct a comprehensive and professional Threat & Risk Assessment:

  • An easy to use Microsoft Word® template
  • No wasted time learning a complicated software package
  • Logical and simple to follow
  • Available for instant download – get started today
  • Easy to understand instructions – no experience required
  • Free support from expert consultants
  • Plenty of samples provided to help you complete your risk assessment quickly
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We’ve done the hard work for you!

Easy-to-Use! Even if you have Zero experience in risk management, this template will walk you through the process of:

  • Establishing the context of the threat and risks
  • Establishing a risk rating matrix
  • Listing the key risk areas (many example risks included)
  • Determining the likelihood and impact of the identified risks
  • Determine current and required risk mitigation measures
  • Understanding the residual risk factor

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All fields requiring your specific company information are easy to locate and contain helpful tips and information making the template simple to use.

High quality content that will meet your organisations administrative, operational and audit requirements.

Suitable for almost any industry:

  • Legal Practices
  • Local Government
  • Banking & Finance
  • State & Federal Government
  • Contact & Call Centres
  • Health Sector
  • IT&T Service Providers
  • Franchises
  • Consulting
  • Consulting
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Non Profit
  • Retail & More
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Save time with the pre-formatted template; fill-in the blanks and you’re ready to start your risk assessment!

You will enjoy that our template is designed in a logical and flowing manner, making it simple to modify to your specific requirements.

Detailed text, diagrams, risk tools, checklists and handy help information!

Here’s an overview of the the Threat and Risk Assessment:

Section One – Overview: An executive overview of the exercise provides the scope and context of the assessment.  High-level information is provided for each of the threats being considered.

Section Two – Objective: It’s a universal fact that all organisations operate under a level of inherent risk.

The objective of this assessment is to ensure that the overall risk to the organization and its operations is managed appropriately on an ongoing basis.

Section Three – Risk Tolerance: This section determines the organizations risk appetite.  It clearly identifies at what level of risk the organization must act to reduce the risk to a tolerable level.

Section Four – Risk Assessment Tool: The risk assessment tool acts as a guide to determine an appropriate risk rating for each risk.

Risk Assessment Tool

Section Five – Risk Register : The register contains the ratings that have determined by the assessment. Listed in order of priority and aligned to the risk tolerance and objectives listed previously.

Risk Register

Section Six – Risk Treatment Plan: A risk treatment plan exists for each risk item listed in the template. Each treatment plan lists example potential causes, potential consequences, existing control measures, and suggested additional control measures. An example risk treatment plan is illustrated below:

Risk Treatment Plan
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We’ve taken away the hard work and developed a fast & simple way to perform a Threat and Risk Assessment

If you want to easily and quickly perform a high quality threat and risk assessment , this template is your solution!

Threat And Risk Assessment Template
“The best way to be sure you’re planning for the right risks, is to conduct a detailed assessment of the threats, and the related risks and consequences”