Tabletop Walk-Through Exercise Template

The easy way to make sure that your Tabletop Walk-Through Exercise is a success!


Some of the benefits of using our template to help you conduct a comprehensive and professional Table-Top Walk-Through Exercise or Test (Also known as a Desktop Exercise, Walk-through Test, Boardroom Level Test):

  • An easy to use Microsoft Word® template
  • Logical and simple to follow
  • Easy to understand instructions – Zero experience required
  • Available for instant download – get started on your project today
  • Free support from expert consultants
  • No wasted time learning a complicated software package
  • Plenty of ‘Tips & Tricks’ to help you along the way
  • Meet governance requirements
  • No ongoing fees or support charges
  • Save thousands of dollars in consultancy fees
  • Checklist written by certified business continuity professionals

A fast & easy way to conduct a Tabletop test of your Business Continuity Plan or Disaster Recovery Plan

Easy-to-Use! All fields requiring your specific company information are easy to locate and contain helpful tips and information making the template simple to use.

High quality content that will meet your governance, operational and audit requirements.

Suitable for almost any industry:

  • Legal Practices
  • Government & Public Sector
  • Contact & Call Centres
  • Banking & Finance Sector
  • Health Services Sector
  • IT&T Service Providers
  • Franchises
  • Consulting
  • Media
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Non Profit (contact us for special discounts)
  • Retail & More

Simply fill-in the blanks, setup a meeting with key personnel, and you’re ready to conduct your Tabletop exercise!

Table Top BCP Exercise and Test Plan

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Do you need to conduct a table-top test and not sure where to start?

Our table top exercise template is your answer! Step by careful step, word by word, paragraph by paragraph, and page by page, our template empowers you to effectively plan for your next table-top test or exercise.

You will enjoy that our template is designed in a logical and flowing manner, making it simple to modify to your specific requirements.

Detailed text, checklists and handy help information!

Here’s an overview of the the Testing and Exercise plan:

Section One – Overview: This section provides an executive overview of the testing exercise – providing high level details of the approach, objectives, and structure of the exercise.

Section Two – Planning: This section provides concise details of the exercise, and includes sample objectives, resources and support requirements

Section Three – Checklists: Detailed lists are provided that cover the following areas:

  • Command and Control
  • Logistics and Assumptions
  • Operations
  • Communications
  • Feasibility and Scenario stress testing

Section Four – Report : This section provides the framework for reporting on the outcomes of the exercise, including:

  • Were the key objectives met?
  • What worked well during the exercise?
  • What didn’t work as anticipated?
  • What improvements can be made to the BCP

Section Five – Action Items: To ensure that lessons learnt and opportunities for improvement are maximised, a table is provided with the following fields:

  • Action Item reference number
  • Action Description
  • Person responsible for action item
  • A date when the action must be resolved
  • A completion date when the action was resolved

Table Top BCP Exercise and Test Plan

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We’ve taken away the hard work and developed a fast & simple way to run a test or exercise.

If you want to easily and quickly conduct a table-top exercise and report, this template is your solution!

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