Not Sure If You Should Download a Disaster Recovery Plan Sample? The 3 W’s May Help You Decide

A disaster recovery plan tells you about the actions to be taken during and after a disaster. To prepare one, you can either avail the services of a consultant or simply refer to a template. Consultation can cost you thousands of dollars, and so it makes sense to rather get a template. But how do you know if you are buying the right one? Won’t it help if you could get a sample first? Well, you can.


If you are looking for a disaster recovery plan template, why not get one straight away? Why download a sample? First of all, it can provide you with enough information to make a good decision, especially if you get access to some of the key sections from the actual template. Secondly, it can save you from investing in a not-so-good template. Last but not least, if you have never devised or seen a recovery plan, the sample can give you a clear idea of what it looks like. For this, it’s important that you download a sample that includes a disaster recovery plan example.


It is highly recommended that you do not opt for just about any sample disaster recovery plan. Find out what all information it would bring along and only then request for one.

Here’s what you should be looking for, in general:

  • Table of contents
  • Procedure(s) for activating the plan
  • Management process overview


Whenever you download a sample, make sure that you would be under no obligation to buy the template, especially if you don’t like what you get. Also, you should not have to provide too much information for the sample. Your name and email id should suffice.