Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions & answers are provided below for your convenience:

  • How many pages long are the templates?
    • The Business Continuity Plan Template (Express BCP) is 46 Pages long (6,632 words prepopulated)
    • The Business Impact Analysis template is 14 Pages long (2,055 words prepopulated)
    • The Table Top Exercise Plan template is 7 Pages long (1,108 words prepopulated)
    • The Threat and Risk Assessment template is 12 Pages long (2,338 words prepopulated)
    • The Pandemic Plan template is 25 Pages long (6,433 words prepopulated)
    • The Microsoft Project Plan template has 127 tasks prepopulated


  • How long does delivery take?  Use our secure online order form, and then you will immediately receive an email with a download link that will enable you to access your template(s).
    Secure Order Process


  • Will the templates work on my PC?The template(s) require Microsoft Word 97 or greater.


  • What countries will you sell the template to?  Just about anywhere!  We have a payment option for over 190 countries.


  • If I need help, can I get support completing the template?  Yes, we’re here to help! Free support is currently included in the price of the templates. You may ask as many questions as you like – our expert consultants answer over 85% of support emails within 4 hours.


  • What is the difference between a DRP and a BCP?In the traditional business context, a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) should be purely focused on recovering the IT&T aspects of the business. A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) has a much more comprehensive scope than a DRP, as a BCP is focused on the whole business. E.g., includes procedures and process that provide for all critical processes (including IT&T) of the business.Nevertheless, the two terms are frequently used interchangeably.Note: Emergency Services E.g., Police, Paramedics, and Fire Brigade use the term ‘Disaster Recovery’ in the context of catastrophic events that normally involves a substantial loss of life – Earthquake, Wildfires, Terrorism Etc.


  • Will the template work on a Mac?
    Business Continuity Plan Template

    Yes. You will need to be running the Mac version of Microsoft Word, or MS Word compatible word processor software.


  • I’d like to know more, can I speak to someone?Yes, please use our contact us page & one of consultants will be happy to call you and discuss your requirements in detail.