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Our sample business continuity plan pages include key sections from Express BCP, including;

1) Table of Contents –

The disaster recovery plan sample contains a PDF copy of the full table of contents of Express BCP. Not only does the table of contents make it simple to navigate your business continuity plan in an actual disaster or crisis, it is also dynamic so any changes you may want to make to headings within your business continuity plan are automatically reflected in the Table of Contents with a single click.

2) Part One – Activating the Plan

A key and integral part of any business continuity plan is the procedures for activating the plan itself. This procedure is sometimes referred to as the process of declaring a disaster.
Activating the plan should always be the easiest procedure to find in a plan, and that is exactly why it is front and center in Part One of our business continuity plan template.

You’ll notice in our sample disaster recovery plan some highlighted help text; this text would normally not print, however for the purpose of this sample we have modified the print settings within Microsoft Word.

Once you have completed your plan, the highlighted help text can be easily deleted.

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3) Section Six – Management Process Overview

The Management Team is responsible for the entire disaster recovery process; from when the team is established until all services have been returned to the primary site or new location. This section of our disaster recovery plan template includes an easy to follow process map and detailed, already completed for you, roles and responsibilities for all of the members of your Management Team.

The business continuity plan sample pages are delivered in PDF format, however the full version of our templates are in Microsoft Word format and are 100% editable.

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